Welcome to the 45th National Collegiate Security Conference

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A Message from Our Executives

Endless hours have come together to develop what will surely be the best conference NCSC has ever seen. We have picked up on the top trends in committees, seeing how we can challenge the next generation of delegates. From the debut of our very first Specialized Agencies organ to a renewed focus on what are the biggest security issues barring progress, the entire Georgetown community is proud to bring you a committee experience that is truly exemplary. 

But, the attractions don't end when you leave the committee room. This year, we’re making it easier than ever to connect to DC while at NCSC. Through partnerships with local bars, clubs, and restaurants, we’re leveraging our prime location in our nation’s capital like never before. Our beautiful, recently-renovated home at the Hyatt Regency is only the starting point for your NCSC experience.

See you in October,
Naba and Aaron

Committee Showcase

The United States Senate, 1947

Senate of the Republic, 2010

The Commonwealth Heads of Nations, 1973

The 1540 Committee, 2017

Romanian Crown Council, 1937

The United Nations Security Council, 1991

Bandung Conference, 1955

Cairo Conference, 1919

Years of Lead, 1969

The Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General

Section VII, 1941

Hong Kong Board of City Directors, 2014

Sudan-Chad War, 2008

Thousand Wars, 1899

Purple Gang v. the Detroit Partnership, 1930

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